PPP to form next Punjab government, says Zardari

PPP to form next Punjab government, says Zardari

NAWABSHAH: Pakistan Peoples' Party Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari said on Friday that his party will form the next government in Punjab.

The former president while addressing an Iftar dinner said that PPP would make a coalition government in the province if not given a majority in the forthcoming elections.

Zardari said that the Sindh government did not execute developmental works from last two years.

"I am completely aware that there have been no work in Sindh from last two years. Sometimes it were just the shallow words of Chief Minister, other times it was due to the inefficiencies of the ministers," he said.

However, the PPP leader pledged to the people gathered at the reception that if his party is voted again into the corridors of power, he will prioritise health, education and employment for the people of the province.

Zardari directed the party workers to start preparing for the elections. "I will visit the entire country for election campaign along with Aseefa," he said.

The PPP leader claimed that the PPP will again receive the mandate to form Sindh government in the coming elections.