Why voters turnout in upcoming General Elections 2018 will be higher than ever?

Why voters turnout in upcoming General Elections 2018 will be higher than ever?

ISLAMABAD – The turnout of voters in upcoming general election 2018 is likely to increase as the overall ratio of eligible voters has surged by 23 percent as compared to 2013 polls.

According to an official of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), the ratio of registered voters had witnessed an upward trend as the number of male voters increased by 21.87 percent and that of female voters by 24.29 percent.

Explaining the comparison between the registered voters for two elections, the official said that as many as 105.95 million eligible voters would exercise their right to elect members of National and provincial assemblies in the upcoming polls, while in the last election, there were total of 86.18 million registered voters, including 48.59 million male and 37.59 million female. “Around 59.22 million male and 46.73 million female voters will cast their votes in the upcoming elections,” the official added.

Enlightening the province-wise data, he said in Punjab, a total of 60.67 million voters, including 33.69 million male and 26.99 million female voters would cast their votes.

He said in the federal capital, a total of 765,346 voters, including 407,463 male and 357,885 female, were eligible to vote in the upcoming election. In Sindh, 22.39 million voters, including 12.43 million male and 9.55 million female, would cast their votes in the election, he added.

The official said in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, a total of 15.31 million voters, including 8.7 million male and 6.61 female would cast vote in the upcoming polls. In FATA, as many as 2.51million, including 1.50 million male and 1.00 million female voters were eligible voters.

In Balochistan, a total of 4.29 million voters, including 2.48 million male and 1.81 million female voters were registered with the ECP, he added. - APP