In a desperate move PML-N mulls option of arresting Pervaiz Musharaf through Interpol


ISLAMABAD - In a desperate move the ruling Pakistan Muslim League -N is mulling option of arresting the Former Army Chief and the President Pervaiz Musharaf through Interpol.

Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) is mulling to approach Interpol to bring former president Pervez Musharraf home. 

The move is aimed at balancing the political upheaval in the aftermath of joint investigation s report (JIT).

Sources privy to ruling party told our correspondent that ruling party is in hot water after Panamagate joint investigation team’s (JIT) made damaging observations against the first family. 

A hardliner group within PML-N is of the view that political scenario can be balanced by bringing back former president and presenting him before court.

However, another faction of PML-N has staunchly opposed any such adventurous bid

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