Police arrest 97 members of 38 dacoit gang in last 15 days

Police arrest 97 members of 38 dacoit gang in last 15 days

LAHORE: Lahore Police arrested 97 members of 38 dacoit gangs and recovered Rs 1,514,000 which they had snatched from citizens during last 15 days.

During grand action against illegal weapons in the city, Lahore Police arrested 276 criminals and also recovered 3 kalashnikovs, 15 rifles, 8 guns, 244 pistols, 35 daggers and more than 1300 bullets from these criminals.

Police also arrested 346 drug peddlers and recovered more than 1-kg heroin, 85-kg charas, 3-kg ‘bhang’, 100-gm ice, 1490 pills and 3550 liters liquor from them. Similarly, Lahore Police arrested 175 criminals involved in gambling and registered 58 cases against them recovering more than 8 lakh rupees.

Moreover 90 proclaimed offenders of A&B category, where as 113 Court Offenders were arrested during the same period.

Lahore Police initiated search operations in hotels, guest houses, hostels, education institutes, buses and railway stations and other places to maintain law and order situation in the city.

Police searched a total number of 16701 persons and action was taken against 49 accused due to incomplete identification documents.

The police also arrested 60 criminals for violating One Wheeling Act, 271 in Kite Flying Act, 51 in Rental Act and 18 persons were also arrested for violating Loudspeaker Act.