Kashniris to observe Indian republic day as black day on Jan 26

Kashniris to observe Indian republic day as black day on Jan 26

MIRPUR (AJK): The Jammu and Kashmir population dwelling both sides of the line of control including AJK, IOK and rest of the world would observe the Indian Republic Day, falling on January 26,as black day to invite the attention of international community towards the continued long unlawful and forcible Indian occupation of Jammu and Kashmir and continued depriving them of their internationally-acknowledged right of self determination by India since last 72 years.

Kashmiris observed the Indian Republic day as black day every year to mark strong indignation and protest against the continued long Indian subjugation of the occupied Jammu and Kashmir and apprised the world of the continued brutalities and custodial killing of the innocent Kashmiris and the unabated massive violations of human rights by the Indian occupying forces in the held state.

Besides the observance of the day also aimed at to apprise the world community of the continued hostile attitude of India denying Kashmiris their legitimate right to self determination and deviating all international norms escaping from the peaceful solution of the much delayed Kashmir dispute.

In Azad Jammu and Kashmir,protest rallies and demonstrations against continued illegal and unlawful Indian occupation of a major part of Jammu & Kashmir, will be the hall mark of the black day in all ten districts of the liberated territory. These protest marches will be the hallmark of the scheduled black day.

Major rally to observe the Indian Republic Day will be held in Muzaffarabad. AJK leaders of various political parties including those in the AJK Parliament will lead the rally to be held to mark the day.

The day will also mark complete solidarity with the freedom-loving people of Indian occupied Jammu Kashmir in their just and principled struggle for freedom and for the achievement of their legitimate right to self determination.

The protest rallies are scheduled to be arranged by various social, political and public representative organizations representing people of all spheres of life including lawyers, journalists, members of the business community, laborers, students, women and social and political workers to express fullest traditional hatred against the Indian imperialism besides protesting against the continued denial of all global norms and commitments on Kashmir and the persistent deviation and denial of the Kashmiris birth right to self determination since over last 72 years by India.

In Mirpur, a protest rally, to be followed by a big procession of people belonging all segments of the civil society, to observe the Indian Republic Day as black day, will be held at Shaheed chowk.

“The city elders representing all segments of the civil society will highlight the importance of early peaceful settlement of the Kashmir problem besides expressing severe hatred against India for her continued forcible and illegal Indian occupation of Kashmir since last 72 years.