Imran Khan hints at mass resignations from Assemblies

Imran Khan hints at mass resignations from Assemblies

LAHORE – Imran Khan while addressing gathering at Lahore Mall Road has hinted at mass resignations from Assemblies on request and advice of Sheikh Rashid.

Earlier Awami Muslim League Leader Sheikh Rasheed while addressing a huge gathering in Lahore today has announced resignation from his seat in the National Assembly

He made the announcement during his address at the Mall Road rally staged by the opposition parties combined.

Speaking to the Tahirul Qadri-hosted protest in Lahore today, he said, “I resign from my National Assembly (Rawalpindi) seat.”

The Rawalpindi-based lawmaker from NA-55 constituency reasoned that he will resign in protest to express solidarity with the opposition that united against the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N).

He suggested that PTI Chairman Imran Khan should also resign from the seat in order to create pressure on the ruling party.

Rasheed said that it is his dream to see the Imran Khan as the prime minister of the country, and that he will be disappointed if that doesn’t happen. He further advised the opposition parties to become united for the dissolution of assemblies.