Pakistan FDI grows 10% to $1.08 billion in six months

Pakistan FDI grows 10% to $1.08 billion in six months

Foreign investment in the country flourished after a long pause and a growth of 10 percent to $1.080 billion was recorded in the six months of the current fiscal year, the State Bank of Pakistan data showed.

The economic measures according to an analyst started paying some dividends as after a long gap in the first six months the barrier of $1 billion has been crossed.

However, the stock market was on the losing side as the foreign fund managers repatriated their investment during July to December period.

Outflow from the Pakistan Stock Exchange stood around $254 million as against $236 million of the same period last year.

Another analyst said that foreign direct investment recorded increase because of one time arrival of payment received from the Netherland as they bought majority of stakes of Engro Foods amounting to $464 million.

Another factor which increased the net foreign investment climbing by 52.5 percent to $1.804 billion was the issuance of the Euro Bonds by the government during the period.