Indian troops thrash Muslim women protesting against Hijab ban

Indian troops thrash Muslim women protesting against Hijab ban

NEW DELHI – Police in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh spotted lashing Muslim women protesting against the Hijab ban on a busy street in Ghaziabad.

As the Hijab row widens, Muslim women protesting against the ban on the Islamic code were beaten by the law enforcers in broad daylight.

In a video doing rounds on the internet, hijab-wearing women in the Khora area of Ghaziabad come to the fore, where local police can be seen thrashing the members with baton-charge.

As the video sparked outrage, the Ghaziabad Police claimed that the protesting group had no due permission for their demonstration, and also accused the agitators to assault police personnel.

Meanwhile, a case has been lodged at the Khoda police station under various charges including protesting without permission, attacking on-duty cops, obstructing government work.

As the top Indian court refused to hear the case, students at many schools were directed to remove their hijabs before entering the premises earlier this week.

Earlier this month, educational institutions enforce bans on headscarves for Muslims after Hindu students, backed by rightwing Hindu groups, protested against the Muslim code.

Muslim students have argued that their right to freedom of religion is being violated, and have taken the issue to state high court. The students have argued that “religious apartheid” is being imposed in some colleges where women in hijabs are being allowed to enter but are being kept in separate classrooms.

The controversy drew international attention when a girl named Muskaan Khan become the face of resistance for Indian Muslim women amid an escalating row over hijabs.

In a viral clip, the 19-year-old brave girl can be seen entering her college as a mob of men approach her. Wearing saffron shawls - a colour associated with Hinduism and Hindu nationalist groups - they started chanting Hindu slogans.

Khan, who was wearing a hijab and a face mask along with a long black gown, then chanted Allahu Akbar in return as authorities escorted her inside.