PM Imran Khan hints at playing role in mediating between Saudi Arabia, Iran and Yemen

PM Imran Khan hints at playing role in mediating between Saudi Arabia, Iran and Yemen

ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister Imran Khan has expressed optimism that Pakistan will overcome its economic challenges soon.

In an interview with Saudi TV, the Prime Minister said Saudi Arabia, UAE and China have given generous support to Pakistan in hour of need.

He said Pakistan is ready to play its role in mediating between Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Iran. The Prime Minister emphasized that peace in Afghanistan will bring stability and prosperity in the region. He said Pakistan was known as a peaceful country before Afghan conflict.

Imran Khan said Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman is a reformer and he is taking steps to turn his country into a modern and forward looking nation.

He said the incumbent government is taking steps to change the status quo. The Prime Minister lamented that previous government burdened the country with unnecessary loans and institutions were destroyed. The Prime Minister said he and Saudi Crown Prince share the same vision on eradication of corruption.

The Prime Minister said Pakistan and Saudi Arabia enjoy special relations and the latter has always helped Pakistan in every difficult time. He said we want to strengthen bilateral ties with Saudi Arabia and want to expand into those areas too which are still untapped.

Imran Khan said Pakistan has an immense potential in tourism. He said tourism can be promoted through various avenues, including the social media. He said the government is taking concrete steps to promote tourism. He said steps are also being taken to facilitate tourists who want to see their holiest places located in Pakistan.

He said the government is liberalizing the visa regime in order to attract not only foreign tourists, but also investors. He said a favorable investment climate along with ease of doing business awaits the potential investors.