Pakistan to be removed from the FATF greylist

Pakistan to be removed from the FATF greylist

ISLAMABAD - Federal Minister for Economic Affairs, Hamad Azhar on Monday claimed to achieve success on issues of Financial Action Task Force (FATF).

“We are working on 27 points given by FATF and hope to get progress after submitting final report on January 2020,” he stated while speaking in a private news channel program. The members dealing with FATF had commended the steps taken by Pakistan, he stated. In reply to a question, the minister said the FATF had given two action plan including ICRG and and APG.

The concerned department was working on the action plan and we hoped to satisfy the members of FATF in the next meeting, he added.

To another question about role of Pakistani diplomats, Hamad Azhar said that aggressive diplomatic drive was carrying out in which the details being shared with the different members of FATF.