Jemima Khan: Pakistan’s "Sonia Gandhi"

Jemima Khan: Pakistan’s

OKARA – Imran Khan has been advised by Sheikh Rashid to introduce his former wife Jemima Khan to Pakistan’s politics.

Will she become the Sonia Gandhi of Pakistan barring the difference that  she was brought to politics after the assassination of her husband.

The call by Sheikh Rasheed may come true in future but at present Imran Khan may not be much interested in this new adventure.

Addressing a public gathering in Okara, the AML chief announced that he would organise a mammoth political gathering in Rawalpindi. “If I cannot gather a million people then I will quit the politics.”

“The entire nation wants Imran Khan to bring Jemima to Pakistan’s politics. If not then I swear I will bring her to my political gathering.”

In reply, Imran Khan cautioned Sheikh Rashid for revisiting the past, saying the Nawaz Sharif and his aides in the Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) harassed and intimated her and even accused her of being part of the Jewish lobby.

Imran said Sharif brothers had filed forged cases against her and forced her to stay out of the country for several months. “They (Sharif brothers) should be ashamed of filing forged case against an innocent young girl,” he added.