RAW - NDS new game plan against Balochistan

RAW - NDS new game plan against Balochistan

QUETTA - RAW and NDS network in Afghanistan is training Lashkar e Jhangvi Al Almi terrorists in collaboration with Daesh for sabotage in Balochistan.

Sources have revealed that several arrested terrorists have revealed the fact.

DIG Quetta <link> Razzaq Cheema has said that Daesh was actually the LeJ and its leader was hiding in Afghanistan and operating in Balochistan.

“LeJ and other sectarian groups have thrown their weight behind Daesh and they are working for them,” DIG Cheema said.

No organized network of Daesh exists in Balochistan,” DIG Quetta <link>Abdul Razzaq Cheema said.

“LeJ and its offshoot LeJ al-Almi with the support of Daesh’s network operating in Afghanistan are carrying out the attacks in Balochistan.”

In the latest attack on the religious minority, unidentified men sprayed volley of bullets on worshipers who were walking out of a church after attending the Sunday service. Two people died and three others, including two girls, were wounded.

It was the second drive-by shooting in Balochistan’s capital within two weeks. On April 2, four Catholics were killed in a similar attack in the city’s Shah Zaman area.

Nine Christians were killed a week before Christmas when two suicide bombers struck the Bethel Memorial Church in Quetta <link> .

Men move the body of one a man from Christian family, who was killed by unidentified gunmen, into an ambulance at a hospital morgue in Quetta <link> , Pakistan April 2, 2018. REUTERS/Naseer Ahmed

Civil and security officials have yet to make any arrests despite a surge in attacks on the vulnerable minority.

The Khorasan branch of the so-called Islamic State, also known as Daesh Khorasan, has claimed responsibility for all three attacks.

Security forces deny the organized presence of the IS in Balochistan.

Home Minister Sarfaraz Bugti blames Afghanistan.

“Groups backed by Afghanistan are staging attacks in the province,” he claimed, adding Daesh had made false claims in the past.

The minister, however, said his government would “unearth the people involved in subversive activities”.