Manzoor Pashteen a RAW - NDS agent and brother of terrorist Qari Mohsin

Manzoor Pashteen a RAW - NDS agent and brother of terrorist Qari Mohsin

LOWER DIR - A huge Pakistan Zindabad gathering under the aegis of Pakistan Zindabad Movement Tuesday rejected “Manzoor Pashteen” and his accomplices and termed them anti state elements.

The public gathering attended by thousands of people here at Rest House Ground Timergara, conveyed a strong message that the anti state elements would have to realize that the whole Pakistani nation and Pakistan Armed Forces stand united for the sake of motherland, and any conspiracy in the name of religion or linguistic divide.

Addressing the gathering JUI-F Ameer Maulana Gul Naseeb Khan, PZM Dir Sheikh Amjad, Maulana Aizulhaq Shalkandi and renowned notable Saeed Khan said that whosoever try to use foul language against Pakistan would be considered enemy of the state, no matter to which sect, tribe or area he/she belonged.

JUI-F Ameer Maulana Gul Naseeb said that there is no difference on Islam and Pakistan and any move against the country would be dealt with iron hands, adding that any foul language against Pakistan would be resisted strongly.

Addressing on the occasion, President PZM Sheikh Amjad said the purpose of Pakistan Zindabad gathering was to tell anti state elements that their evil designs would never come true.

He said that the overwhelming participation of people in the gathering was evident of the fact that whole nation stands united with armed forces of Pakistan against any anti Pakistan move.

Brigadier (R) Saeed Khan said that if Manzoor Pashteen is so sincere with Pashtun people then first he should present his brother Qari Mohsin, a terrorist, for accountability.

On the occasion the speakers expressed resolve of the nation to strongly resist any insurgency in the name of religion, sect or on the basis of language.