Indian - Chinese Navy warships criss cross in Indian Ocean

Indian - Chinese Navy warships criss cross in Indian Ocean

NEW DELHI - Indian navy put out a tweet, along with photos of Chinese warships, welcoming the People’s Liberation Army Navy to the IOR.

The Indian Navy, on its official Twitter handle tweeted, “#MaritimeDomainAwareness @indiannavy extends a warm welcome to the 29th Anti-Piracy Escort Force (APEF) of PLA(N) in Indian Ocean Region (IOR). Happy Hunting.”

The task force left the Chinese port of Zhoushan on April 4 for the Gulf of Aden to carry out anti-piracy missions off the Somali coast. It consists of “700 officers and soldiers, dozens of special operation soldiers, and two helicopters on board,” according to a report on the PLA’s official website.

Deployment of Chinese naval units in the IOR is closely monitored by the navy, but it is perhaps the first time that the latter has taken to Twitter to drive home the message.

In a second tweet half an hour later, the navy put out a map of the IOR reinforcing how a fleet of 50 combat-ready Indian warships was carrying out round-the-clock surveillance of the area.

“#MissionBasedDeployments From Persian Gulf to Malacca Straits & from Northern Bay of Bengal to Southern Indian Ocean to East coast of Africa @indiannavy with 50 ships on vigil 24X7 keep our Area of Responsibility (AOR) safe… Anytime, Anywhere Everytime,” the navy tweeted.