Indian - Chinese Navy warships criss cross in Indian Ocean

Indian - Chinese Navy warships criss cross in Indian Ocean

NEW DELHI - Indian navy put out a tweet, along with photos of Chinese warships, welcoming the People’s Liberation Army Navy to the IOR.

The Indian Navy , on its official Twitter handle tweeted, “#MaritimeDomainAwareness @indiannavy extends a warm welcome to the 29th Anti-Piracy Escort Force (APEF) of PLA(N) in Indian Ocean Region (IOR). Happy Hunting.”

The task force left the Chinese port of Zhoushan on April 4 for the Gulf of Aden to carry out anti-piracy missions off the Somali coast. It consists of “700 officers and soldiers, dozens of special operation soldiers, and two helicopters on board,” according to a report on the PLA’s official website.

Deployment of Chinese naval units in the IOR is closely monitored by the navy , but it is perhaps the first time that the latter has taken to Twitter to drive home the message.

In a second tweet half an hour later, the navy put out a map of the IOR reinforcing how a fleet of 50 combat-ready Indian warships was carrying out round-the-clock surveillance of the area.

“#MissionBasedDeployments From Persian Gulf to Malacca Straits & from Northern Bay of Bengal to Southern Indian Ocean to East coast of Africa @indiannavy with 50 ships on vigil 24X7 keep our Area of Responsibility (AOR) safe… Anytime, Anywhere Everytime,” the navy tweeted.

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