US Senate moved to ban Arms sale to Saudi Arabia

WASHINGTON: US Senate moved a resolution to ban arm sale to Saudi Arabia in wake of Human Rights violation.


US senators claimed that Saudi Arabia used US arms in Yemen which caused massive civilian causalities.


The resolution was introduced by US Senators Chris Murphy (D-Connecticut) and Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) days after of Human Rights Watch (HRW) report that claimed that Saudi Arabia used US ammunition in deadliest attacks in Yemen.


Senator Murphy said “Saudi Arabia is an important partner, but we must acknowledge when a friend’s actions aren’t in our national interest. I have yet to see evidence that the civil war we’re supplying and supporting in Yemen advances our national security.”


Earlier this month, HRW published a report in which it claimed that Saudi airstrikes targeted a marketplace in Yemen and dropped two US-made bombs at the crowd.


At least 6,300 people have been killed in US led-coalition in Yemen since March last year.


A senior analyst claimed that there are very little chances that this bill would  pass.


He said “The Saudis have an extensive lobbying effort in Washington and not only do they have high-powered lobbying firms behind them, but they have the defence contractors themselves, who have profited, and continue to profit, off of weapons sales to Saudi Arabia.”