OIC Istanbul Summit Final Declarations further divided Muslim World

OIC Istanbul Summit Final Declarations further divided Muslim World

ANKARA: OIC Ankara Summit Final Declarations further divided Muslim World


OIC Summit Ankara Final Declaration accused Iran of fueling terrorism in Muslim world and especially in Gulf States.


Iran President Rouhani boycotted the final ceremony of the OIC Summit and had already warned  against any declaration which could further divide the already divided Islamic world on sectarian basis.


Out of 57 member states more than 50 Islamic states agreed with the final declaration and all of them were predominantly Sunni Muslim States led by Saudi Arabia.


Iran along with Syria and Iraq have a large number of Shia Muslims and a clear divide appeared in the OIC Summit on the sectarian lines.


OIC was established to unite the Muslim states under an Umbrella but today it has proved to be itself a divided forum hence losing its credibility as a united front of the Muslim World.


It should have been a forum where Muslim countries could have sit together and the internal matters should have been solved with negotiations and brotherhood.


All the matters concerning the Muslim states should have been discussed and investigated there so as to identify the problem and then work out the solution.


A united Islamic Force comprising of all 57 member counties could have been raised which could replace the UN Forces in Islamic Countries.


The Islamic United Force could well engage with the evil designs of the oft quoted Foreign Agencies in Islamic States.


The Islamic United Force could also fight the menace of the terrorism spread by ISIS like terrorist organisations which use name of Islam to spread the terrorism in world and hence humiliate and degrade Islamic Values.