Big breakthrough for Pakistan on the International front

Big breakthrough for Pakistan on the International front

Pakistan's interim Health Minister, Dr. Nadeem Jan, announced that the country will host a global health security summit in November this year, according to reports from Pakistani state media on Saturday.

Dr. Jan shared this information during an inter-ministerial health and population council meeting in Islamabad, where officials discussed this historic event for Pakistan. The summit is expected to play a crucial role in helping Pakistan establish a strategic plan to effectively manage health crises and epidemics within the country.

Dr. Jan stated that the summit would invite leaders, experts, and stakeholders from around the world to participate. Pakistan, with a population exceeding 240 million, has faced significant challenges in managing vector- and water-borne diseases, especially after devastating floods last year.

Recent reports have also indicated outbreaks of diseases like dengue and chickenpox in various provinces. Pakistan's existing healthcare infrastructure, compounded by economic difficulties, poses obstacles to effectively combatting such outbreaks. Notably, Pakistan remains one of only two countries worldwide where polio remains endemic.

Dr. Jan emphasized the urgent need for comprehensive strategies to eradicate diseases, making the global summit a top priority for the interim government. He assured that his ministry would provide full support to combat infectious diseases in the country.