Pakistan Air Force challenges Indian Air Force

Pakistan Air Force challenges Indian Air Force

ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Air Force challenges Indian Military over February 27 strike Video Footage.

PAF had offered the independent third party verification of the authenticity of the PAF strike Video Footage.

The Pakistani Air Force has released a media presentation on ‘Operation Swift Retort’, the military operation conducted on February 27, 2019 in retaliation to the Indian Air Force’s strikes on a militant camp in Pakistan on February 26.

In its presentation, PAF released “actual footage” of one of the Pakistani bombs being dropped outside the Indian Army’s Narian Ammunition Depot.

PAF said it targeted the Narian base, but “dropped the bombs 400 m from target” as a show of strength, to avoid escalating the situation any further. The footage was one of four targets where the air force dropped six bombs on February 27, it claimed.

“This is the actual clip of the bomb which is being directed towards this target,” a PAF spokesperson said, while footage appearing to be recorded from the missile’s onboard camera was showed approaching its target.

The PAF also displayed photos of the wreckage of the Indian MiG-21 Bison downed during the February 27 skirmishes.

PAF claimed all of its data was “available for independent verification.”