America can attack Iran to capture its strategic Oil Reserves?

America can attack Iran to capture its strategic Oil Reserves?

ISLAMABAD - The Trump administration, which has long demonised Iran and been trying to choke off its oil exports, has blamed the latest attacks on Saudi oil processing facilities on the Islamic Republic, despite Yemeni Houthi rebels claiming responsibility. Iran rejects the accusations.

The United States will emerge as the “biggest beneficiary” of drone strikes that targeted a Saudi Aramco processing facility and oilfield in eastern Saudi Arabia, internet tycoon Kim Dotcom has suggested.

The attacks are expected to trigger a jump in oil prices when markets reopen on Monday, given that Saudi Arabia has halted half its oil production - around five million barrels of crude per day, or around 5 percent of the world's daily output.

The millionaire Megaupload founder, who is fighting extradition to the US link on charges of fraud and online piracy, predicted the attacks would embolden the US - the largest oil producer - to “blame Iran, go to war, [and] take control of Iran's oil which pays for the war.”

This scenario has partly come to pass already: although Yemen's Houthi rebels acknowledged they were behind the strikes, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo claimed there was “no evidence” link to believe the attacks came from Yemen and blamed Iran instead.

Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif denied any involvement and hit back by saying America's “maximum pressure” policy turned to “max deceit.” -Sputnik