Punjab bureaucracy in hot waters, startling details reported

Punjab bureaucracy in hot waters, startling details reported

ISLAMABAD - Punjab bureaucracy comes under scrutiny as Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan has taken notice of monarchist-like life style of Punjab’s bureaucracy.

PM Khan has summoned report in this regard from special branch in three days.

In Punjab, the luxurious official residences cover area as much as 8975 kanal whereas the property’s monetary value is estimated at whopping Rs403.11 billion.

Moreover, the maintenance charges of these residences cost provincial exchequer Rs10.41 billion every year.

The date further states that each official is granted mansion-like residence of 10-104 kanal with 10-52 servants in each bungalow.

Overall, 19278 servants are performing duties whereas Punjab govt spends mammoth Rs15.12 billion per year on servants in terms of salaries only.

On an average, a 5 to 25 kanal official residence renovation and repair cost 5 to 15 lacs a year. In addition, another 2 to 5 lacs are usually spent over the transformations of different sorts after every two year which are not included in the annual budget rather being used through discretionary developmental funds or allocated funds.

Most of the residences have servants range in between 10 to 52. Around 19, 278 servants are serving at the official residences in Punjab who are being paid around 5.12 billion rupees as salaries and allowances.