Pakistan Super League all set to grow bigger and better: Report

Pakistan Super League all set to grow bigger and better: Report

ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Super League (PSL) is all set to grow bigger and better as the league approaches the sale of its next rights cycle.

PSL franchise representatives and Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) officials met at the National Cricket Academy on Sunday in order to review independent valuations of various commercial rights.

Representatives of Lagardere Sports, world-renowned sports consultants, presented the valuations.

"Pakistan Super League is a phenomenal success story," said Maqbul Dudhia, Regional Vice President, Middle East, Lagardere Sports. "As a sports property, PSL will be of great interest to the market. Commercial partners look for valuable exposure in sponsorships and, for Pakistani brands, I don't think there is anything as valuable as exposure garnered from PSL."

Frank Saez, MD SMG Insight, Lagardere’s research partners for the PSL valuation project, shared his data-driven insight on PSL.

“This valuation exercise is the culmination of extensive interviews with all stakeholders of PSL,” said Saez. “Given Pakistan’s commercial landscape and the fact that more matches are coming back to Pakistan, PSL will only grow as a brand.”