Pakistan made a big offer to Afghanistan, India

Pakistan made a big offer to Afghanistan, India

ISLAMABAD - Pakistan has made a big offer to Afghanistan and India in order to restore ties with the two neighbours.

Pakistan had approached Afghanistan and indicated its willingness to discuss resumption of trade between Afghanistan and India via Pakistan through the land route, United States ambassador to Afghanistan John Bass told ET in an interview.

The revelation is significant, given that for years Pakistan has not allowed Indian goods to be transported to Afghanistan through its territory.

Bass said the Pakistani government had approached Afghanistan after looking at two developments. “We have seen an increase in exports from Afghanistan to India.

… it is obviously one part of the export strategy but it is an important part… and I think part of the reason why, in addition to the economic relationship between Afghanistan and Uzbekistan, a couple of months ago for the first time the Pakistani government expressed a willingness to start talking with its Afghan counterparts for parameters to enabling trade between India and Afghanistan through Pakistan,” he said