MNA Amir Liaqat faces an embarrassing blow

MNA Amir Liaqat faces an embarrassing blow

*KARACHI - MNA Aamir Liaquat was turned away from the gate of the State Guest House in Karachi on Sunday when he came to meet Prime Minister Imran Khan.*

PM Khan is in Karachi for a one-day visit.

The MNA wasn’t allowed to enter and said it was perhaps because he arrived five minutes early. However, he wasn’t allowed in even after waiting outside for more than five minutes.

“I was called to be part of the meeting today,” said Liaquat, referring to a meeting to be chaired by PM Khan at which a package is expected to be announced for Karachi.

He said there was a security breach and people had found out the premier’s route, which is maybe why he was not being let in.