CJ hears several cases at the Lahore Supreme Court Registry

CJ hears several cases at the Lahore Supreme Court Registry

Chief Justice of Pakistan Saqib Nisar has ordered a financial forensic audit report of the multinational company Nestlés mineral water group in Pakistan. 

He ordered that the report be submitted to the Supreme Court in 15 days.

The order was given during today's case hearings at the Lahore Supreme Court Registry

The two member bench led by the Chief Justice said multinational mineral water companies buy water at extremely low prices, sell them at high prices, make billions of profits off our national water resources and pay a minuscule tax. 

He said the companies are taking advantages on many fronts and must be made answerable on how they do business. 

Justice Nisar said water is the most important natural resource and its blatant exploition for profit cannot be allowed anymore. 

Nestlés lawyer Chaudhry Aitazaz Ahsan requested the court give a month's time for the audit report's submission which was turned by the court. 

The chief justice also ordered that water samples from all 12 mineral water companies be tested and the test report be submitted to the court. 

Chief Justice also took a SUO moto notice of free use of water by various housing societies. 

The Chief Justice also ordered secretary health Punjab and Lahore Development Authority officials to submit a report detailing the locations, facilities, functions, standards and maintenance of all private hospitals in Lahore. 

He said the report must be submitted in two weeks time. 

Various private hospital owners, who were summoned by the chief justice yesterday, briefed the court on their hospital's facilities and functions. 

The Chief Justice remarked that the private hospitals are charging very high fees, which they should revise and many of them to do not provide clean environments or proper parking areas.