Chinese buyers delegation to visit Pakistan on Sept 26, holds dialogue to promote trade

Chinese buyers delegation to visit Pakistan on Sept 26, holds dialogue to promote trade

ISLAMABAD: Adviser to Prime Minister on Commerce and Textiles, Abdul Razzaq Dawood has said a Chinese buying mission of business-persons and investors delegation would visit Pakistan on September 26-27.

During its two-day stay in Pakistan, the business-persons delegation Mission would hold dialogues with local business persons and exporters to enhance Pakistan’s trade.

In an exclusive talk with APP here , the Adviser asked local business community including exporters to participate in dialogue with Chinese buyers delegation to negotiate on their areas of interest in country’s exports.

He said this is beginning and a first step towards enhancing the country’s trade and at the same time achieving export targets.

Replying to a question, he expressed the hope that during their visit, Chinese buyers would also signs agreement with local exporters in different sectors, adding that the visit would be great opportunity to have access to huge Chinese markets.

“We would achieve exports target and additional exports for economic development and prosperity,” he said.

Answering another question, the Adviser said the government was committed to enhancing exports and increasing manufacturing in engineering, textile, agriculture and chemical domains.

The government, Razzaq Dawood said, would give priority to promotion of export-led growth and reduce dependence on imports, adding that it has identified many sectors to boost exports.

He said, “Primarily, we are focusing on increasing exports in engineering and Information Technology (IT), chemicals and innovated technology through enhancing their competitiveness in global market.”

With regard to export promotion strategy, he said it would focus on increasing country’s exports to compete with regional and global players in international market.

When asked, the Adviser said the agricultural exports alone would not enhance the country exports rather "we need to switch to value addition in this particular area to promote export of value-added products."

He said special attention would also be given towards promotion of textile exports, particularly knitwear, apparel, garments, leather products and rice, besides,promoting furniture industry of the country which has great export potential.

He said the government, in consultation with stakeholders, would devise comprehensive policy guidelines to promote textile and industrial exports.

"I would call representatives of textile and rice sectors and exporters as well as other stakeholders to have consultations so as to devise future guidelines for growth in these vital sectors,” he remarked.

“We would focus on promoting ‘made in Pakistan good’ and discourage imports,” he remarked.