Afghan Taliban siege two Afghan Army Bases in North

Afghan Taliban siege two Afghan Army Bases in North

KABUL; A number of soldiers stationed in Ghormach district in the northern Faryab province have claimed that they are under siege by Afghan Taliban over the past two months and that they are faced with ‘serious challenges including lack of food’.

The military bases are located in Abgarmak and Chinaee regions in the district, soldiers told TOLOnews on Friday.  

The Ministry of Defense said the route to the Ghormach district is closed and that they support the battalions from air.

According to the Defense Ministry, efforts are underway to break the siege and open the road to the district and to the bases.

“We provide their food, clothes, ammunition and other needs from air. But the basis of addressing the problem is to open the route and we are working on it,” Defense Ministry spokesman Dawlat Waziri said.

“Weak management of military commanders and issues around helping the personnel on time are questionable and worrying,” said Mirdad Nijrabi, head of the internal security committee of the Wolesi Jirga, the Lower House of Parliament.

Meanwhile, dozens of Faryab residents at a gathering on Friday slammed the local officials and the leaders of the National Unity Government over ‘negligence in maintaining security of the province’.

“All Afghans are tired of your boring games and you (government leaders) know that we have realized your tricks. The people know that you are sacrificing a nation for your own interests,” head of Faryab civil society organization, Sayed Zainuddin Abidi, said.

Ghormach was fallen to the Taliban at least one month ago. Security forces however managed to retake the center of the district. Reports indicate that important parts of the district including the routes ending to this part of Faryab are under Taliban’s control.  

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