India - Afghanistan supporting terrorism in Pakistan: Pak diplomat in USA  

India - Afghanistan supporting terrorism in Pakistan: Pak diplomat in USA  

CHICAGO: (APP): A senior Pakistani diplomat has said that Indian security forces in occupied Kashmir were committing grave human rights violations against Kashmiri people struggling for their freedom.

Speaking to a group of students and faculty members of the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the city of Madison on Thursday, Consul General Faisal Niaz Tirmizi said that the disputed state was under curfew for nearly 70 days running but, despite many hardships, there was no let up in the intensity of their struggle for their UN-pledged right to self-determination.

Tirmizi was visiting the University of Wisconsin-Madison, one of the top Universities with over 30 Nobel Laureates, as part of his initiative to deliver talks/ briefings about Pakistan at different educational institutions and think-tanks across.

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He was introduced by Professor Mark Kenoyer, head of the Department of Anthropology and South Asian Studies, who has done extensive research on Harappa in Pakistan and has written numerous books on Pakistan's rich archeological heritage.

The consul general, who is based in Chicago, explained the key features of Pakistan's foreign policy, while focusing on the state of his country's relations with South Asian countries, especially India and Afghanistan.

He said that efforts to maintain good relations with neighouring countries was the backbone of Pakistan's foreign policy.

He also touched upon Pakistan-US relations and its ups and downs during different times.

In this context, Tirmizi briefed the group about Pakistan's stance with regard to the global war against terrorism and highlighted its immense efforts to eliminate the menace, suffering heavy civilian and military casualties.

Replying to a series of questions, the consul general said that only through expansion though educational and employment opportunities, coupled with selective use of force, extremism could be reversed and eliminated.

Further, all regional countries have to be on the same page to eliminate forces of terror.

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Timizi regretted the fact that both India and Afghanistan were supporting and financing terror in Pakistan, which, he said, was forced to take counter measures.

He also spoke about the serious human right violations undertaken in Indian Occupied Kashmir which had resulted in complete shutdown of the valley during the last 60 days.

The consul general also underscored the need for more cultural and educational exchanges between Pakistan and United States, saying only 7000 Pakistani students were studying in the US Universities at present, a figure much lower compared with than the numbers during the 70s and 80s.