Good news for Pakistanis seeking overseas jobs in Leading European country

Good news for Pakistanis seeking overseas jobs in Leading European country

ROME/ISLAMABAD – The Italian government has allowed Pakistani nationals to apply for seasonal and non-seasonal work visas for the year 2020-21.

Under Decreto-Flussi, over 30,000 workers from agriculture, tourism, construction and freight forwarding sectors can avail themselves of this opportunity.

Pakistan has been included in this category of visas after a lag of two years as a result of sustained efforts by the Pakistan embassy in Rome.

Talking to media, Pakistan Ambassador to Italy Jauhar Saleem said Italy hosted the largest Pakistani diaspora in the EU following Brexit, who sent over $142 million in remittances in 2019-20. Decreto flussi 2020

The decreto flussi is an Italian government law that sets how many non- European citizens can enter Italy for work.

In addition to the number of non-EU citizens who can enter Italy for work, the decreto flussi also sets the number of people who can convert their residence permit (for example for study) into a residence permit for employed or self-employed work.

The decree is annual, which means that every year the government decides the number of people who can enter Italy for work in that same year. Therefore, a new decreto flussi comes out every year.

The decreto flussi 2020 establishes that a total of 30,850 people can enter Italy for work reasons distributed as follows:

*Seasonal work* (therefore for a job that takes place only in one period of the year): 18,000 people from the following countries: Pakistan, Albania, Algeria, Bangladesh, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Korea (Republic of Korea), Ivory Coast, Egypt, El Salvador , Ethiopia, Philippines, Gambia, Ghana, Japan, India, Kosovo, Mali, Morocco, Mauritius, Moldova, Montenegro, Niger, Nigeria, Republic of North Macedonia, Senegal, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Tunisia, Ukraine of which