Reports on US troops withdrawal from Afghanistan

Reports on US troops withdrawal from Afghanistan

KABUL - Media reports had surfaced over reported US troops withdrawal talks between US and Taliban.

The Afghanistan Peace Council (HPC) has responded over the reports.

HPC said on Monday that any discussion on the withdrawal of foreign troops should involve not only the Taliban but all Afghans.

HPC deputy head Attaurrahman Salim told TOLOnews that Washington must take into consideration Afghanistan 's continued stability and security in peace talks with the Taliban.

Salim said the withdrawal of foreign troops can be discussed once the war has ended in the country and security has been restored.

“The withdrawal of forces is an issue that can be discussed after the establishment of security and the end of the war and it should be discussed nationally,” said Salim.

The withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan has been a key demand by the Taliban for many years; but the High Peace Council said Taliban uses the issue as a “topic for propaganda” while there are much more important issues that should be addressed first.