PM Imran Khan’s "ten billion tree tsunami" campaign gets international recognition

PM Imran Khan’s

ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister Imran Khan ‘Ten Billion Tree Tsunami’ campaign has got international media recognition.

Foreign media has gone on to laud the chief of the Pakistan government for his initiative.

According to a report by the US newspaper 'Washington Post', PM Khan’s aim of planting ten billion trees nationwide were highlighted and lauded, for bringing forth an enthusiastic and ambitious wave of environmental concerns among citizens.

The bureau chief of Washington Post, Pamela Constable describes the positive impact that was swept through the country after the Pakistan premier launched the campaign on September 2 in one of the 200 inaugural ceremonies around the country.

The report citing activists revealed that through the eco-friendly campaign, the age-old detrimental habits internalized within the country’s traditions are also reforming for the better.

The report also showcases the contentment of Pakistanis who have found a rejuvenated spirit for to care for the environment.