Communal Riots hinted in India ahead of Elections 2019

Communal Riots hinted in India ahead of Elections 2019

CHENNAI - Indian lawmaker Shashi Tharoor has hinted at communal riots in India ahead of general elections 2019.

He said that Indians will have to brace for unpleasantness in the coming months, as the ruling elite could stoke communal tensions for electoral gains.

*Shashi Tharoor*

“I think we have to brace ourselves for some more unpleasantness in the months to come because there has been a correlation, in the not so distant past, between the advent of elections and the stoking of religious passions, communal rioting. That’s indeed my worry,” he said during a dialogue on issues and opportunities.

While a vast majority of Hindus believes that Ayodhya was the birthplace of Lord Ram, no good Hindu would want to see a Ram temple built by demolishing somebody else’s place of worship, said Shashi Tharoor, leader of the Congress party and member of the Lok Sabha from Kerala.

As a Hindu, he was also very conscious that a vast majority of Hindus wanted a Ram temple to be built at the site, he said while responding to a question during the third edition of the Lit For Life Dialogue 2018, arranged by *The Hindu* newspaper here.

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