Liaquat Ali Khan’s 66th martyrdom anniversary being observed today

Liaquat Ali Khan’s 66th martyrdom anniversary being observed today

ISLAMABAD: The 66th martyrdom anniversary of Pakistan’s first Prime Minister Shaheed-e-Millat Khan Liaquat Ali Khan is being observed on Monday.


Liaquat Ali Khan was born on October 1, 1896 in Karnal (Punjab), India. He graduated from Anglo Oriental College in 1918. He refused to join Indian civil service and left for England for higher education.


He returned to sub-continent in 1923 after completing his studies. Soon after his return, he decided to join politics. Liaquat Ali Khan was a member of the United Provinces Legislative Council from 1926-1940. He was also the leader of the Democratic Party of the Council.


In 1946, he was appointed as a member of the Governor General’s Executive Council and the leader of the Muslim League Party in the Indian interim government. He held the portfolio of finance minister, becoming the first Indian Finance Minister. The budget for 1947-48 which he presented was acclaimed throughout the country as a ‘Poor man’s Budget’.


On August 14, 1947, he became the first Prime Minister and the Minister of Defense of Pakistan.


He wielded effective power and provided dynamic leadership to Pakistan during the most crucial phase of its history. In 1950, he signed the “Liaquat-Nehru Pact” in New Delhi to address the problem of minorities.


The first prime minister of Pakistan Liaquat Ali khan was martyred in Rawalpindi Company Bagh on October 16, 1951.


In October 1951, Liaquat Ali Khan rose to address a crowd in Company Bagh, Rawalpindi, when he was shot to death by Syed Akbar. Syed Akbar was shot fatally on the spot by members of the security. An official investigation of this murder was ordered by the Governor General of Pakistan.


During the course of investigation, a plane containing the chief investigative officer of the case developed malfunction and was destroyed. Till date, the assassination of Liaquat Ali Khan has remained a mystery.

Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi in his message on this occasion has said that Liaquat Ali Khan was a trusted friend and companion of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.


He said it was during his tenure as Prime Minister that the foundation of Pakistan’s time–tested and time-honored friendship with China was laid.


Prime Minister said on this day we reaffirm our pledge to work tirelessly and selflessly to make Pakistan a progressive, tolerant, prosperous and secure nation as envisioned by our founding fathers.