Hillary Clinton says Brexit a 'disadvantage' for UK

Hillary Clinton says Brexit a 'disadvantage' for UK

London: Hillary Clinton said Brexit would put Britain at a "very big disadvantage" and force companies to move resources to continental Europe, in an interview aired Sunday.

Britain leaving the European Union could cause serious disruption for the country as it tries to reorder its trading relationships, she told BBC television.

"I think it would be a very big disadvantage to Britain," said Clinton, the Democratic Party candidate who lost to Donald Trump in last year's US presidential election.

"No deal meaning no preferential trade deals, which means products in Britain would not have the kind of easy access to the European market that you've had under EU membership.

"It could very well mean that there would be more pressure on businesses in Britain, if not to leave completely, at least (to) also have sites and employment elsewhere in Europe.

"The disruption for Britain could be quite serious," the former US secretary of state said.