CPEC is for whole Pakistan with multiple routes: Chinese Ambassador

CPEC is for whole Pakistan with multiple routes: Chinese Ambassador

ISLAMABAD, Oct 16 (APP): China's ambassador to Pakistan Sun Weidong Sunday said the passage going through western part of Pakistan to Gwadar is definitely part of China Pakistan-Economic Corridor (CPEC).

Speaking at an event at Pak-China Friendship Centre here to welcome participants  of a car rally arriving from Chinese region of Ningxia, he said CPEC is for Pakistan as a whole with multiple passages and it brings benefits to all Pakistani people.

"As we see it, all the routes lead to development and prosperity. Under the Belt and Road Initiatives, CPEC will make its contribution to reviving the Silk Road Spirit," he added.

He said in 2013, Chinese President Xi Jinping proposed the Belt and Road Initiatives reviving the great Silk Road Spirit.

Sun Weidong said as the major and pilot project of the Belt and Road Initiative, China Pakistan Economic Corridor has entered into full implementation with remarkable progress.

"Sixteen early harvest projects are under consideration, with total investment of 13.6 billion USD and tens of thousands of new jobs have been created for local people."

He said connectivity is made for facilitating people to people exchange.

He said since more than 2000 years ago, China and Pakistan have been connected through the great Silk Road.

Along this road, businessmen and envoys travelled through mountains and deserts, trading specialties and learning exotic cultures. One of the most prominent travellers was Xuanzang who lived in the 7th century.

From Xian, then capital of China, he travelled 80,000 kilometers to South Asia, he told.

The envoy said Xuanzang lived in Taxila for three years, studied language and classics and brought precious Buddhist scriptures back from there.

The Silk Road has brought well being and prosperity for the people along the route, he said adding by promoting exchanges among ethic groups, cultures and religions, the Silk Road advanced civilizations, and cultivated the Silk Road spirit.

He explained that there were three key points of the great Silk Road spirit.

"First, openness. Openness means confidence. Openness creates vitality. Openness brings progress. And only by openness we can achieve prosperity. We will always open our doors to the outside world. Secondly, inclusiveness and mutual learning. Along the Silk Road all cultures are equal. We respect each other, appreciate each other and learn from each other."

He said with openness they jointly create a splendid story and Ningxia is a best example of mutual learning and inclusiveness.

"It is an inland province with a pilot economic zone. It is renowned as a beautiful piece of land where all ethnic groups live harmoniously."

Thirdly, win win cooperation. The ancient Silk Road is now transforming into connectivity, industrial cooperation, trade and finance, and flow of information, he added.

The ambassador said economies along this road are complementary with huge potential for cooperation. "By promoting win win cooperation, we will build an avenue towards joint development and shared destiny."

He said this year marks the 65th anniversary of China-Pakistan diplomatic ties and events like car rally can further the win-win cooperation, and make the Silk Road spirit shine again in the new era.

He said the participants of the rally travelled more than 7000 km, all the way from Ningxia and they are the real advocates of the great Silk Road spirit.

"You are the envoys of the China-Pakistan friendship. Thank you for bringing our peoples hearts closer together," he told the participants.

Speaking on the occasion, Deputy Governor of Ningxia Hui, Wang Heshan said Pakistan and China have increased cooperation in diverse fields and supported each other through good and hard times.

He said Pakistan and China are friends, partners, brothers and good neighbours.

He told about Ningxia region, which is a place of great natural beauty, time honored traditions and must see tourist destination for travellers from across the world.