'Kashmiri tea' sale heats up as temperature drops

'Kashmiri tea' sale heats up as temperature drops

ISLAMABAD: The recent rain-spell in the country has increased the demand of 'Kashmiri Tea', as the citizens from all over the country have started to enjoy the protein rich winter delights.

A report aired by a private news channel said, popular outlets begin selling Kashmiri tea at breakfast time and sell this winter favourite late into the night.

Kashmiri tea is very popular in Pakistan during winter season as it blends tea with dry fruits in such a perfect way. Kashmiri tea is high in demand these days. "I prepare two drums of tea and it all sells like hot cakes," said Umer Rao, a vendor.

"It's unimaginable for me to shop all the time without refreshing myself with a cup of Kashmiri tea or a bowl of hot soup in winter," said Hashmi Ali, a visitor.

Kashmiri tea is another most favourite winter hot drink and it looks more delicious, serve with crushed almonds and pistachio.

"Our Kashmiri tea sales go up in the winter," said Yasir Rehman, a shopkeeper at local market. "I drink about two to four cups of tea (a day) in the wintertime, but not too much in the summer," said another customer. Sweetened Kashmiri tea is his favourite, he added.

He said coffee and black tea has a bad taste but the sweet aroma of cardamom in Kashmiri tea lasts for hours.

Sanam Noman said, "Kashmiri tea is healthier and has less caffeine than black tea and coffee. Milk and nuts make it nutritious," she said.