India fearful of rising Pakistan-China ties: China

India fearful of rising Pakistan-China ties: China

Chinese main daily newpaper named Global Times published an editorial on Tuesday telling how successful the One Belt One Road Forum for International Cooperation was. The article criticised India for boycotting the summit due to ‘rising nationalism influencing public opinion’.

The editorial said India is the only country that has opposed China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) recently, adding India fears being targeted by strengthening Sino-Pakistani ties.

“Rising nationalism has made Indian public opinion extremely sensitive on China-related issues,” the editorial describes India’s current situation regarding relations with the neighbouring state.

Chinese daily suggests that New Delhi can learn from Beijing-Washington relations while tensions between New Delhi and Beijing should not be regarded as signal for intense geopolitical competition.

China aims at having close ties with all neighbouring states for economic benefit and regional prosperity. Global Times editorial argues that Indian nationalism and negative views about China-Pakistan cooperation could act as a destructive power for regional peace.

During the closing ceremony of OBOR summit in Beijing, Chinese President Xi Jinping urged major multilateral institutions to join the new Initiative and aimed at discarding nationalism in order to seek worldwide economic growth