Ready to face accountability: PM Nawaz Sharif

Ready to face accountability: PM Nawaz Sharif

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said that he was targeted by opposition parties via their Terms of Reference despite of his name not mentioned in Panama Papers, however, we never feared in Past and still ready to face any accountability now.

While addressing in crucial session of National Assembly here at today, PM Nawaz pointed out that it has been cleared by Panama leaks report that  owing offshore companies does not mean anyone is involved in corruption.

He further added that his two sons names were also mentioned in offshore companies who were living abroad for last many years and running their business as per laws like millions other Pakistanis.

While giving his policy statement in Assembly, PM Nawaz requested Speaker to form a parliamentary committee over Panama leaks issue with the consultation of Opposition leader in order to finalize TORs and other matters so that corrupt people to be held accountable before nation.

PM further added that his colleagues advised him not to speak out on the issue of Panama leaks because his name is not mentioneded in Panama papers but despite of their advice he offered himself for accountability , announcing an inquiry commission .

He announced to form an inquiry commission under retired SC Judge before even opposition demand  to probe into panama leaks revelations but due to hue and cry of opposition respectable and honorable Judges refused to lead inquiry commission .

PM Nawaz also explained in National Assembly that how his father set up a factory in UAE and Jaddah when their factories of steel were nationalized by government of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.

PM added that opposition demanded him to present his case in Assembly but now this matter would not end in this way and every accused would havev to be held accountable through inquiry commission .

He made it clear that we are ready for across the board accountability but opposition TORs only revolve around him.

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