Pak-Turkey to jointly combat terrorism: Ambassador

Pak-Turkey to jointly combat terrorism: Ambassador

ISLAMABAD, May 16 (APP): Pak-Turkey to jointly combat terrorism: Ambassador


Pakistan's ambassador to Turkey, Sohail Mahmood has said that Pakistan and Turkey are determined to eliminate terrorism from their respective soils.


Talking to Radio Pakistan, ambassador Sohail Mahmood said their security forces were in a regular dialogue process on the issue to further cement their cooperation on combating terrorism.


"It is an on-going process and is always on the agenda for further strengthening security and defence cooperation ", he added.


"Pakistan is ready to share its national experience with the international community to further develop  common goal of defeating terrorism and eliminating violent extremism ," he added.


He said that Pakistan's National Action Plan to counter terrorism contained six specific action points that directly and indirectly aimed to counter the narratives and ideologies of terrorists.


"Pakistan and Turkey have unanimity of views on diverse issues. Turkey is taking action against Kurd separatists and other terrorists on its soil while Pakistan has immense experience of fighting terrorism since the last 10 years" he said.


The Ambassador said negotiations over Free Trade Agreement were continuing and this agreement would open up vast opportunities for the Pak-Turk business communities.



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