Violence against women on rise in Capital Islamabad

Violence against women on rise in Capital Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: (APP) Capital Police have registered 119 cases regarding violence against women, of which 26 were of murder category during one year (January 01 to December 2016).

These cases have been registered under heads of murder, attempt to murder, molestation and assault on women in Federal Capital.

An offence-wise data issued by Interior Division on Thursday revealed that during the period mentioned above, 26 murder cases were registered, 08 attempt to murder, 39 molestation and 46 assault on women.

Regarding steps taken by Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) Police to control such incidents, the data further showed that all SDPOs/SHOs have been strictly directed to register First Information Report (FIR) of such cases upon receipt of any complaint without any delay.

The victim of violence will be sent to nearby hospital for medical treatment if necessary while necessary counsel/advice may be provided to victim/complainant.

All SDPOs/SHOs have also been strictly directed to arrange meetings with local ulema, teachers and notables of society and they may be asked to impart lectures amongst public about the importance of females within society being sensitive gender deserving special attention.

They have been directed to hold Kacharies at different places for public awareness and their attention is invited to report such type of incidents to police so that grievances of the victims could be redressed immediately.