Dawn Leaks Report: Why report is being delayed

Dawn Leaks Report: Why report is being delayed

ISLAMABAD: The infamous Dawn Leaks report delay is depicting the difference of opinion between the Civil and Military authorities in Pakistan.

Minister for Interior, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has said on Thursday that the ministry has not received a report of the probe committee over Dawn Leaks and reportedly, disagreements among the members are causing the delay.

Nisar addressed a press briefing in the federal capital today and talked about blasphemous content on social media, money laundering investigations against founder of Muttahida Qaumi Movement, Dawn Leaks probe and PSL2017 spot fixing scandal.

Elaborating on Dawn Leaks probe report, the minister said that Interior Ministry had filed a report within 14 days of the incident however, the committee, that was formed by the Government of Pakistan has not come up with their version until today.

Until now, not the slightest of hints have been laid out by the members of the committee over their stance, he added.

Nisar asserted that the report would be forwarded to the higher-ups as soon as the ministry receives it and the media would be briefed accordingly. He said that the report of the probe committee would be shared with the media as well.

He demanded off the journalists to direct their questions towards members of the committee over the delay and not him or the ministry.

While talking about performance of the ministry regarding security situation and issuance of visas, Nisar said that the incumbent government worked hard for three years to have effects of Pervez Musharraf’s era fade out.

Not one person was issued an objectionable visa in the past three and a half years unlike the alleged practice during former army chief and president Musharraf’s tenure, the minister claimed.

While talking about MQM, he said that case against founder of Muttahida Qaumi Movement has been forwarded to the Interpol and that a political party that targets the military reserves no right to conduct politics in Pakistan.

During his speech he said that evidence of money laundering against MQM founder would be shared with British authorities.

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