No decision yet made about US troops in Afghanistan: Pentagon


WASHINGTON: Pentagon claimed that no immediate decision has been taken by Obama administration about US troops in Afghanistan.


It claimed that defence ministry wants Nicholson to decide whether to increase troops to counter Taliban insurgents or not.


Pentagon spokesperson said “Let’s give General Nicholson a chance to get on the ground, find out… whether or not there needs to be an adjustment.”


Nicholson claimed to produce report in 90 days from his appointment on March 2.


The NATO mission was ended in 2014 in Afghanistan and the forces announced to withdraw.


US has shown severe concerns about the capabilities of  Afghan troops in fights against Talibans in northern city of Kunduz and Southern province of Helmand insurgent attacks.


Afghan Taliban and insurgent groups are targeting Afghan forces since 2014 after the withdrawal announcement of NATO forces.


US decided not to counter insurgent groups but to assist Afghan forces with advanced training to counter terrorist groups.


Quadrilateral Contact Group QCG of four countries is also trying to start a fresh round of direct talks between Afghan government and Taliban.