KIM Jong orders military to prepare launch of nuclear capable ballistic missile


PYONGYANG: North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un ordered military to prepare a test launch of nuclear capable ballistic missile despite of UN sanctions.


Kim claimed that a nuclear warhead and several other multi role ballistic missile tests will be inducted in order to boost the reliability of nuclear arsenal.


KCNA claimed that the order came in wake of examining the successful test of warhead re-entry technology which is capable of long range nuclear strike that could even hit US mainland.


South Korea’s President Park Guen-Hye said “If North Korea continues its provocations and confrontations with the international community and does not walk the path of change; it will walk the path of self destruction.”


He claimed that North Korea has not secured re-entry technology yet.


The statement came weeks after the announcement of toughest sanctions on North Korea by UN over its long range missile test.


UN imposed toughest sanctions on North Korea earlier this month which included ban on its imports and exports of any kind of weapons.


US and South Korea are also holding military drills in the region and North threatened them to counter with nuclear ballistic missiles.