Israeli Chief Rabbi approves killing of Palestinians carrying knives

JERUSALEM: The Sephardic Israeli Chief Rabbi approved the killing of Palestinians carrying knives as a religious obligation.


He claimed that it is a religious duty to kill a terrorist who want to kill someone with a knife.


He said “If a terrorist comes at someone with a knife, it is a (religious) duty to kill him-he who comes to kill you, kill him first.”


He claimed that there is no need to be afraid from any chief of staff and court of justice.


He said “When a terrorist knows if he comes with a knife he won’t return alive, it deters them, so therefore it’s a mitzvah to kill him.”


Israeli forces are killing Palestinians brutally by saying that they attacked them with a knife or scissor.


These killings mostly include Palestinian child including girls.


General Gadi said “When there’s a 13 year old girl holding scissors or knife and there is some distance between her and the soldiers, I don’t want to see a soldier open fire and empty his magazine at a girl like that.”