Zameen quadrangle Lahore: The ultimate new apartment living concept

Zameen quadrangle Lahore: The ultimate new apartment living concept

LAHORE- For the longest time, apartment living was not considered an optimal choice among the residents of Lahore. However, as the urban landscape of the city began to transform, the concept of apartment living gradually found acceptance among the masses. This paradigm shift was inevitable, allowing Lahore to embrace vertical living as a means for curbing overpopulation and allowing a more efficient use of urban centres.

For the trend to become acceptable among buyers at large, apartment projects in Lahore needed to offer what had so far been lacking in existing developments; security, amenities, and community features. Zameen Developments link, the real estate development arm of EMPG, successfully assessed these needs, along with deciding to explore how additional features can be added to make apartment living an all-encompassing experience. The result was ‘Zameen Quadrangle’ — the beautifully crafted flagship project by the developer. [image: Loading video]

Owing to its prime location, appealing palate, and an array of facilities, this prime vertical development has rapidly drawn the attention of genuine buyers and investors alike.

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights that make Zameen Quadrangle a truly effective addition to the real estate market of Lahore. An Expansive, Community-Centric Lifestyle

Zameen Quadrangle is a contextual and custom designed apartment building that promises its residents a unique lifestyle with emphasis on community.

The striking G+11-floor project comprises four convenience shops with spacious 1-bed, 2-bed, and 3-bed apartments, along with exclusive penthouses wrapped around a beautifully landscaped central courtyard called ‘The Quad’.

To promote community living, Zameen Quadrangle features recreational terraces on various floors, which provide residents with ample shared spaces where they can indulge in a wide range of social activities. These community terraces provide areas for activities such as barbecue, open-air theatre, fitness facilities, and children’s play area, etc.


Location That Will Be Ideal for Generations to Come

Zameen Quadrangle is situated on main Zafar Ali Road opposite the Lahore Gymkhana golf-course in the popular Gulberg neighbourhood, which serves as the current hotspot for vertical developments in the city. The multi-accessible location is known for its lush green landscape and convenient infrastructure. It also houses some of the most popular residential projects, corporate offices, shopping areas, sports facilities, and recreational venues in the sprawling metropolis.

Gulberg is also easily accessible from all major parts of the city through a wide network of roads and boulevards, including Main Boulevard Gulberg, Jail Road, Canal Bank Road, and Mall Road. An Epitome of Form and Functionality

The noteworthy design of Zameen Quadrangle sets it apart from other apartment projects in Lahore.

Showcasing the creativity of the in-house architects at DESIGNS by Zameen Developments, the stunning four-sided elevation of this flagship project makes it a symbol of contemporary architecture featuring linear simplicity and geometric accents. Similarly, the Scandinavian-inspired interiors exude minimalistic charm and focus on comfortability.

Furthermore, the unique design layout of the structure ensures each residential unit offers a panoramic view of Lahore despite its orientation.

Since its launch, Zameen Quadrangle has received an overwhelming response from investors, which highlights the scarcity of high-end quality apartment projects in Lahore while also driving home the fact that there is an utmost need for innovation in vertical developments.

It is also worth mentioning that the project not only has approval from the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) but is also registered with the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), which means those investing in the project will not have to disclose their source of income.

To conclude, the residents’ lifestyle won’t be anything short of ordinary as they will be able to enjoy community-oriented living without compromising on privacy or space.

Zameen Quadrangle- The New Shape of Your Home.