Af-Pak : Border Management System in best interest to check cross border terrorism 

Af-Pak : Border Management System in best interest to check cross border terrorism 

RAWALPINDI: (APP) Director General ISPR said Pakistan was building a check post at Torkham border 37 meter inside its territory and nobody could object to it.

There was a gate at Torkham in 2004 but it was removed to give way for a road to Jalalabad, he mentioned.

He said International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) knew about the border mechanism.

"On our side, there is total clarity about the raising of border posts. The border management mechanism is in the interest of everybody. We are working to improve the system."

He clarified that the government and the military were jointly taking all decisions on border management.

A standard operating procedure (SOP) on border management mechanism was ready and would be signed with Afghanistan, he added.

Answering a question regarding unprovoked firing by Afghans on Torkham, he said, the matter had been taken up at diplomatic as well as military level and the solution of the issue can only be reached at a dialogue table.

He said the US was running its Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan and Pakistan was in continuous discussion with them, but gradually the talks should be bilateral and the third party would only be there to help.

Afghanistan and its forces were evolving, he said adding border management mechanism was in the interest of Pakistan and Afghanistan and a crucial aspect to bring peace in the region.

He said people were crossing over the border to carry out acts of terrorism and Pakistan had many evidences to prove the fact. He said that all the 14 terrorists behind the Badaber Base attack had slipped in to Pakistan from Afghanistan and stayed in a nearby locality prior to launching the attack.

On the firing by Afghan soldiers at under construction Torkham border post, he said, Pakistani troops effectively respond according to the set procedure.

A Pakistani major Ali Jawad was martyred and 19 others were injured in the incident, he added.

He said it was unfortunate when a peaceful crossing point became a place of violence.

He said nobody had the desire to prolong that issue and there was engagement on political and diplomatic and army to army levels, to resolve the issue. "We want to resolve this issue as soon as possible."


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