What former PM Shaukat Aziz says about CPEC?

What former PM Shaukat Aziz says about CPEC?

BEIJING : Former Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz while addressing here a two-day conference of the seventh World Peace Forum at Tsinghua University hoped that China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) will be a game-changer in improving the living conditions of the people.

This initiative will improve connectivity and it will open markets and will also improve infrastructure in the country. Pakistan as a good friend of China is a major beneficiary of the Belt and Road Initiative and it has benefited from the rich and neat relations with Peoples Republic of China.

In recent years work is being carried out on many projects under Belt and Road Initiative, he added.

He said “We must welcome that China is sharing its success of its development with developing countries. He said that we are dealing with this trend well and all projects under Belt and Road Imitative are moving in right directions.”

All these developments will help in bringing stability in the world and will touch the hearts and minds of billions of people in many ways. World needs more such initiatives to get of the planet from poverty. All members countries of Belt and Road Initiative and other institutions will get benefits and this will make relationship of China with rest of the world more holistic and will bring progress and prosperity, He added.

Later while answering a question, I am watching Pakistan’s economy very closely. Pakistan economy needs resources and so far, it has been managed.

As a development country Pakistan cannot rely only on its single domestic resources for these projects. You have to take steps to arrange funds otherwise these projects will not complete. During the construction phase of projects, you would not see the dividends and it may put stress on finances, He said.

He added that according to my information Under the Initiative, most of the projects got adequate funding lined up and due to the implementation of these projects including ports road, energy and other projects changes can be seen in Pakistan and these projects will give good economic results.

“I see that growth prospects in Pakistan is looking better. Of course, we need unusual requirements, political stability, security and we need eco system required for growth. The government is taking step for this objective”, He added.

Le Yucheng, Chinese vice minister of foreign affairs, said that China is steadfast in opposing any form of protectionism and unilateralism, and in upholding multilateralism, free trade, and the rules-based multilateral trading regime.

He said that China has worked toward a more open, inclusive, balanced economic globalization that benefits all.