OIC top official slams India over occupied Kashmir

OIC top official slams India over occupied Kashmir

JEDDAH - Director General Political Affairs of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Tariq Ali Bakheet Monday vowed to continue its diplomatic efforts for resolving the Kashmir issue despite India’s reluctance in settling the decades’ old dispute as per wishes of people of Kashmir. “The OIC will continue its diplomatic maneuvers for resolving the Kashmir issue,” he said in a brief chat with APP.

Tariq said the Organization had been continuously monitoring the developing situation in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) and underlined the need for immediately stopping the massive human rights’ violations being committed by brutal Indian forces in the valley.

He regretted that India had always been reluctant to resolve the Kashmir issue, adding that the OIC had taken up the issue at different international fora and passed a number of resolutions in this regard.

Answering a question, he informed that the OIC was in process to send an inquiry mission to Kashmir valley for fact finding on human rights violations in Kashmir.

It is worth mentioning that the OIC, in its last summit held in Dhaka, had strongly condemned the continued state terrorism by Indian forces in Kashmir. “The Dhaka Declaration said the OIC ministers reaffirm our firm solidarity with those 13 areas of conflict as well as Muslim Communities and Minorities in non-OIC Member States within the established principle of the respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the States in which they belong consistent with international law and agreements.”