Turkey becomes first Muslim Nation to avert Martial Law through people power

Turkey becomes first Muslim Nation to avert Martial Law through people power

ISLAMABAD: (APP) Minister for Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage Senator Pervaiz Rashid Saturday said Turkey has become the first Muslim country that has foiled martial law attempt with the help and support of the people and it was made possible due to democracy.

Thwarting the military coup with the power of the masses is also good gesture for all Islamic countries and Turkey deserve congratulations for this, he said talking to PTV.

He commended the people of Turkey for thwarting the military coup attempt and protecting the democratic system.

The minister said people of Turkey deserve congratulations from muslim countries including Pakistan and all other countries of the world who support democracy.

He said democracy has delivered in Pakistan but unfortunately military regimes ruled for about 40 years of the country causing huge damage to the country.

Democratic government gave constitution to the country he said adding constitution that represents integrity and unity of the federation.

He said it was democratic government which took bold initiatives and played leading role to root out terrorism from the country.

People across the world also want to bring change through the power of vote after the elected governments complete their term, he said adding that change by the power of gun has been rejected by the people of Turkey.

He said continuity of the democratic system was needed to strengthen democracy and foil attempts to impose martial law.

Democratic struggle is at initial stages in many countries.

Turkish nation has set an example by foiling martial law attempt and it is an act to be liked and followed, Pervaiz said.

The minister said every country has the right to devise foreign policy in its national interest and it should consist of internal interests of the country which include peace, development and prosperity.

Pakistan was divided during military rule, terrorism and energy crises in the country were also result of dictatorship, he said.

Pervaiz Rashid said that international organizations are acknowledging today that Pakistan's economy is speedily progressing and country's reserves have touched record level of $23 billion.

He said energy projects have been started by the democratic government to fulfil energy demands. Mega investment of $46 billion under China-Pakistan Economic Corridor was also fruit of democracy in the country.

He said there are political parties in Pakistan which have sacrificed to strengthen democracy in the country.

During PTI and PAT stage in at D-chowk, they attempted to attack Parliament House and other state organizations. All political parties got united in the Parliament and foiled their attempt to derail democracy, he recalled.

The minister said difference of opinion is considered beauty of the democracy and it is democracy which grants this right to the people.

He said all political parties and the masses are united when it comes to safeguard democracy in the country as both have passed through may phases to strengthen democracy.

Pervaiz said people are well aware of the damages done by the military rules and there is nobody in the country who support dictators.

However, he said, there could be some elements who support dictatorship like those who attempted to take over the government in Turkey.

The minister said morale of democratic forces would be boosted after seeing bravery of Turkish people.

He said spirit of the Turkish people is applaudable as they came to streets on the call of their leader and gave sacrifice of their lives to save democracy.

When PTI had organised a sit-in at D-chowk, routine life was running as normal in the country and even in Islamabad city because people of Pakistan were not interested in doing politics of sit-ins and conspiracies and damage to democracy, he said.

He said Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was sent to exile by a military ruler but when he returned, the masses once again elected him to serve. People of Pakistan are united for democracy in Pakistan, he added.

There is a lot of change in Pakistan as compared to the situation in 2013 when we came into power, he said adding that a number of steps were taken by the government under leadership of Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif that have put the country on track to progress and prosperity.