Is US following a double policy in Pakistan, Afghanistan

Is US following a double policy in Pakistan, Afghanistan

ISLAMABAD - Dr. Muhammad Khan (Expert on Defense Affairs): The United States has adopted dual policy towards Pakistan and pursuing its own interests in the region.

The United States wants to exert pressure on Pakistan by hurling baseless accusations and threats. Pakistan does not need US financial assistance in the fight against terrorism.

International community should recognize matchless sacrifices rendered by Pakistan’s security forces to eliminate terrorism. The United States wants to give India an enhanced role in Afghanistan just to contain China in the region.

Pakistan has played tremendous role in eliminating terrorism and promoting peace in the region. The United States should abandon its dual policy and start a meaningful dialogue with Pakistan to resolve bilateral tensions.

Lieutenant General, retired, Raza Muhammad Khan (Defense Analyst): There is a lack of coordination between the White House and Pentagon as far as US foreign policy is concerned. The statement of US Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff General Joseph Dunford regarding effective relationship with Pakistan is a “welcoming development.”

The US-led NATO and ISAF forces knew very well that without Pakistan’s cooperation, peace and stability cannot be promoted in Afghanistan. Pakistan had not accepted the US dictation and rejected the US mantra to do more in the fight against terrorism.

With the passage of time, US President Donlad Trump would understand the importance of geo-strategic location of Pakistan. The United States should cooperation with Pakistan for fencing the Pakistan-Afghanistan border to stop infiltration of terrorists from the Afghan side.

Dr. Rasheed Ahmed Khan (IR Expert): India has increased ceasefire violations along LoC, resulting in martyring in innocent Pakistani civilians and damage to precious infrastructure.

Indian aggressive posture along the LOC poses serious threat to regional peace and stability, and could lead to strategic miscalculation. BJP-led government in India, after coming into power, intensified its nefarious campaign against Pakistan.

Circumstances and situation in Indian-occupied Kashmir are getting out of control of India. Ceasefire violations and unprovoked Indian firing are attempt to divert the world’s attention from ongoing massive human right violations committed by Indian troops in Indian-administered Kashmir.

India cannot succeed in its efforts to isolate Pakistan globally. The United States is afraid of growing Chinese influence in the region, and is strengthening relations with India to contain China.