PM Nawaz Sharif along with COAS to visit Riyadh and Tehran on Monday


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif along with his military Chief General Raheel Sharif to depart for Saudi Arabia and Iran on Monday.

PM would also be accompanied by his advisor on foreign affairs Sartaj Aziz during his two nation tour starting on Monday.

The delegation headed by PM will arrive in Riyadh on Monday where they would meet with King Suleman of Saudi Arabia . PM will offer a mediator role between the two brother Islamic states Saudi Arabia and Iran .

After Saudi Arabia , Pakistani delegation will leave for Tehran where they will meet with President Rouhani in a bid to improve the souring relations between the two states.

Iran and Saudi relations deteriorated with the execution of the prominent Shia cleric sheikh Nimr in Saudi Arabia earlier this year.

Angry protestors burnt down the Saudi Embassy in Tehran and Saudi consulate in Mashad, the second largest city of Iran following the execution in Riyadh which further created rift between the bilateral relations.

Both PM Nawaz and General Raheel Sharif will try to negotiate and mediate between the two brother states during their visits.





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